Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology

“The Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology strives  to produce graduates with the breadth and depth of knowledge in Technology to become lifelong productive members of Sri Lanka’s workforce serves for the betterment of the society.”


The Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology (MMT), University of Sri Jayewardenepura welcome you as a prospective undergraduate or postgraduate student, research collaborator, alumnus, or enthusiast in engineering technology that offers degree programs, research projects, and laboratory facilities in high quality. The department emphasizes the need of developing innovative graduates who are capable of solving engineering technology-related problems in real-world industrial applications.

The programs delivered under the department of MMT provide academic qualifications based on mathematics and science, as well as business management and information technology, to prepare students for careers in relevant fields. In addition, the program includes a social component that directs students to understand the legal and ethical requirements of the industry, as well as the ability to specialize in engineering technology management.


The Department of MMT comprises modern laboratory facilities for each specialization area, a high-tech Engineering Workshop, a Center of Excellence in Polymer Analysis, and a well-qualified academic and non-academic staff.  The programs of study are dedicated to providing undergraduates and postgraduates with the necessary knowledge in basic sciences, pure and applied mathematics, and basic computing skills together with the Engineering Technology-oriented modules. The Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology offers three specializations for undergraduate students namely Automobile Technology, Mechatronics Technology, and Polymer Processing Technology which are interrelated by shared common course modules to provide an integrated knowledge of technology.

The MMT department offers Honors Degree in the following specializations
Automobile Technology
Mechatronics Technology
Polymer Processing Technology