Automobile Technology

Sri Lankan automobile industry is mainly based on the manufacturing, service & maintenance, and research & development industries. The automobile manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka focuses on domestically value-added vehicle assembly that brings benefits to the country’s  economy in terms of low-cost motor vehicles available for consumer use. In addition,  auto-component manufacturing is also a repaid developing industry in Sri Lanka. At present around fifty companies are engaged in manufacturing high-quality automobile components focused on both export and local markets.

Automobiles also require routine maintenance and servicing which is typically performed in auto-workshops and auto-service stations. Many auto-workshops across the country use cutting-edge technologies, tools, and equipment to provide unrivaled service solutions, elevating customer care to benchmark industry standards.

As the leading educational body that produces competent automobile technologists for the automobile industry, the automobile focus area of the Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology has dedicated, high-caliber academic and support staff to always provide the necessary guidance and assistance to students. 

Subject Areas

  • Automobile engines
  • Transmission systems
  • Steering and brake systems
  • Electrical and electronic systems in vehicles
  • Automobile air conditioning & auxiliary systems
  • Automobile design project
  • Alternative fuels and energy systems
  • Vehicle dynamics and suspension 
  • Automobile workshop and maintenance
  • Fuels and lubrication
  • Electronic management systems in automobiles
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Automobile safety
  • Special purpose vehicles

Higher Studies and Career Paths

  • Postgraduate opportunities in automotive technology, Electric, and Hybrid vehicles, Automotive mechatronics, Sustainable transportation, and Automotive safety.
  • The possible career paths  in Automobile manufacturing and assembly sector, Automobile service and maintenance sector, Research and development sector in automobile, Teaching opportunities in academic institutions, and Entrepreneurs