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Diploma in Polymer Processing Technology and Process Analysis


Course Description:

This one-year diploma (SLQF 03) programme offered by the polymer processing technology focus area of the Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology, Faculty of Technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura-Sri Lanka, is designed to introduce basics in polymer processing technologies and related high-tech polymer instrumental analysis. This is conducted in both theory and laboratory practical sessions. Theory modules are focused in providing fundamental knowledge in basic areas of polymer technology while laboratory sessions are primarily focused in providing a detailed understanding in polymer processing and property analysis using high-tech instrumentation. Candidates will gain a valuable hands-on experience on several high-tech polymer instrumentation that are of high importance in plastic, latex, dry-rubber, tyre and non-tyre products, and related other materials.  This includes basic operational theory, data processing & analysis, and troubleshooting. Qualified candidates will be highly benefited by our well knowledgeable staff and the high-tech facilities offered at the center of excellence in polymer analysis. This diploma would be an ideal qualification for technical executives and managers working or intend to work in the polymer industry, the largest manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka.

Qualification Requirements:  

03 Passes in G.C.E. A/L (SL) in one attempt in Physical/ Bio-Sciences/ Technology stream


03 Passes in one attempt including a minimum D grade for Chemistry in Pearson Edexcel A/L or Cambridge International A/L


  • Introduction to polymers and polymerization techniques
  • Fundamentals of polymer physics, solution properties, and thermodynamics
  • Heat transfer mechanisms in polymer systems
  • Statistics of Polymers
  • Polymer rheology and mechanical properties
  • Plastic processing technology
  • Dry rubber processing technology
  • Latex processing technology
  • Tyre and non-tyre products manufacturing technology
  • Applications of nanotechnology in polymer industry
  • Polymer composites
  • Polymer engineering and mould design
  • Surface coatings and adhesives
  • Polymer characterization techniques
  • Polymer identification, separation, and particle size analysis -practicals 
  • Thermo-mechanical analysis and establishing process parameters of polymers -practicals
  • Evaluating physical and mechanical properties, establishing curing characteristics, and viscoelasticity analysis of polymers -practicals


Diploma (SLQF level: 03, NVQ level: 05)

Validation and Recognition:

Center for Quality Assurance(USJ): Approved; Council (USJ) approved

Total number of credits: 30
Duration: 01 year

Career Pathways: 

For those who successfully complete the diploma, various employment opportunities are directly available at a spectrum of industries such as;

Plastic ,Latex, Dry-rubber, Raw-rubber, Tyre and non-tyre products, Nanotechnology, Coatings and adhesives etc.