Research Grants

Principle Investigator(s) Project Title Funding Agency Grant Number Amount (Rs.) Year Awarded Duration  (Years)
Dr. A.G.S.S. Ambagaspitiya Exploration of the endophytic fungi associated with selected medicinal plants and their production of bioactive secondary metabolites. Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2022/75 3,000,000.00 2022 2
Dr. A.A. Gayan Kavinda Siriwardana Additive Manufacturing-Based Blended Materials as Toxic Heavy Metal Chelators for Environmental Remediation. Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2022/74 3,000,000.00 2022 2
Dr. K.G.L.R. Jayathunge Reduction of postharvest losses of selected agricultural commodities through application of natural edible coating and value adding techniques Research Council, USJ



2,972,000.00 2021 2
Dr. K.G.L.R. Jayathunge Development of biodegradable films as alternative food packaging materials using underutilized root and tuber crops in Sri Lanka Research Council, USJ



2,998,500.00 2022 3
Dr. WPKM Abeysekera, A Comprehensive study on skin whitening and anti-aging properties of bark of Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume) and development of a value-added cosmeceutical Research Council, USJ (ASP/01/RE/TEC/2022/63) 2,960,000 2022 3
Dr. A.M.A.U. Alahakoon Cured and uncured sous vide processed chicken sausages incorporated with flowers of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2021/76 Rs.2,834,500.00 2021 2

Dr. A.M.A.U.


Potential Application of selected herbs/spice to improve the functionality of pasteurized liquid milk and yoghurts Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2022/71 Rs.2,776,500.00 2022 2
Dr. Darshika Wanigarathna Long term effect of leachate permeation on the index, shrink-swell and hydraulic properties of bentonite amended clay liners in waste containment facilities Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2021/66 1,479,592.00 2021 3
Dr. Sumudu Mapa A Comprehensive Investigation on Nutritional, Phytochemical and Antioxidant Properties to Selected Better Species/varieties of Leafy Vegetables Grown in Sri Lanka Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2022/61 2,998,000.00 2022 2
Dr. Gayan Priyadarshana Bio-polymer based green edible packaging material enriched with an antioxidant for minimally processed fresh like food Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2021/82 1,800,000.00 2021 2
Dr. Gayan Priyadarshana Chitin nanofiber based dermal application for rapid increase of skin rigidity Research Council, USJ ASP/01/RE/TEC/2022/62 2,580,900.00 2022 2
Dr. Gayan Priyadarshana Colloidal dispersions of cellulose nanostructures from sustainable raw materials and their applications in packaging industry NRC Sri Lanka (ID Grant) IDG 22-047 2,900,000.00 2022 3