Message by the Dean -Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Technology has stood up to its expected goals. It keeps growing continuously, contributing to the pride of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and fulfilling our passion to introduce innovative pathways to Sri Lankan academic field. I am greatly honored to welcome you to this prestigious Faculty of Sri Lanka, on behalf of all our staff and students

As a leading university in Sri Lanka, we believe that it is our responsibility to groom our future generation to become efficient and dedicated professionals who can move along with ever-changing global trends and ever updating knowledge. Therefore, all our efforts are focused on preparing undergraduates with cutting-edge thinking, constantly searching for new ways to upgrade the university’s course line-up.
Faculty of Technology was established in 2015 fulfilling a long-standing void in the Sri Lankan education system. Before that, there were very few opportunities for technological studies available for prospective students. When the government of Sri Lanka decided to introduce a technology stream for 2015 G.C.E. Advanced Level examinations, it became a necessity to generate firm higher education routes for students who follow technology subjects.
At that very moment, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura stepped forward bravely to establish the first Faculty of Technology in Sri Lanka, cater to this growing need. It was not an easy task to initiate and organize a new faculty at the exact rapidity the situation demanded, but we are proud to look back at the process just to realize not only that
we have been able to achieve this dream, but also we keep exceeding the initial expectations.
Four years since the establishment, we are proud to continue to grow as the leader in Technology education in Sri Lanka, dedicating our efforts effectively, to deliver high-quality undergraduate programs, paving clear career paths for the Sri Jayewardenepura technology graduates by broadening both industrial and higher educational opportunities.
The University and the Faculty of Technology have understood the importance and competitiveness of technology professionals. Since the beginning, this has been the key focus in developing course modules and updating them with the help of academic and industrial consultants to make sure that the Sri Jayewardenepura technology graduates can obtain the best available knowledge and skills to prepare themselves for such competitiveness.
It is a great pleasure to see the development of the new faculty complex is now completed and has opened its doors to the undergraduates, ensuring their university experience would be a memorable one while getting high quality theoretical and practical knowledge.
FOT currently offers three undergraduate programs: Biosystems Technology, Engineering Technology, Information and Communication Technology, covering a broad spectrum of technological disciplines such as agriculture and environment, food processing, industrial biosystems, energy, construction and building services, mechatronics, automobile, archeotechnology, polymer processing, multimedia, network and software technology. Three newly formed departments: Science for Technology, Materials and Mechanical Technology, and Civil and Environmental Technology, were developed to strengthen the focus on global technological trends. As the Faculty of Technology, we are keen to integrate novelties in knowledge in this continuously changing technology field, in order to procreate graduates who are updated and ready to accept challenges in their respective journeys to serve the society, country and the globe.
I am proud to see that the Faculty of Technology is rich in very dedicated and excellent academic staff working long hours to provide their students with an effective education. Our faculty consists of academic professionals who are well-respected, and successful in their respective fields of study. They work with great dedication to disseminate not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical aspects of technology to students in an effective manner. In this institution, students have the advantage of interacting with their lecturers directly and frequently who pride themselves on being available for answering questions, clearing doubts and mentoring students.
We are committed to assuring the quality and standard of our degree programs are accredited. Each of our degree programs is accredited by the relevant accreditation bodies: Bachelor of Biosystems Technology degree programs by NBIA, Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree programs by IESL and Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology degree programs by CSSL.
We are proud to welcome you to our newly opened state-of-the-art Faculty of Technology building complex spreading across 20 acres of land in Pitipana Techno City. With these newly added infrastructures and facilities, we are stronger as a Faculty than ever before and every one of us is looking for an exciting journey of technological knowledge through studies and research activities.
We believe that you will find all the important information you need to know with this prospectus, and we always encourage you to continuously communicate with the academic and non-academic staff for any updates.
I am sure that the journey you start today will reach great heights, resulting in valuable technology professionals who are going to inject life into the country’s development in numerous ways. You are expected to and will be a proud product of the Faculty of Technology and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and an essential human resource in Sri Lanka’s way forward.

Professor A.H.L.R. Nilmini

Dean – Faculty of technology

University of Sri Jayewardenepura