J’PURA TECH TALKS June edition.

Inspire the hero within you….

The first guest talk of J’pura Tech Talks Hosted by the Technology committee, Faculty of Technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura on the 25th June, 2018 at Faculty premises with the participation of over 200+ students with the intention of giving space for the students to show their inconceivable talents.

The guest speaker Mr. Malinda Alahakoon, one of the best lecturers,Youtubers and Podcasters in Sri Lanka, conducted an amazing speech about the importance of learning through practice than theory. In this workshop two applications were launched; first one Uniface, a social network for University students and the official mobile app of Faculty of Technology as the second application.
Links for the products launched:

– Uniface: http://uniface.lk/ – Faculty of Tech – Official App


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