Research is an integral component in undergraduate and postgraduate education which helps improve cognitive, oral, and written communication skills. In addition, technology research should play an imperative role in generating an interface between academia and industry. We conduct highly diverse research, covering a broad spectrum of areas, including agriculture, environment, food, health, and energy. Our research program is innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative and industry-focused by nature. Academic staff, visiting scholars, researchers from industry, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate and undergraduate students extensively engage in the Department research program. BST Department is committed to exploring sustainable solutions for numerous issues facing humanity.

Staff Research Profiles

Dr. Dhanushka Udayanga
Dr. Nilushi Nugara
Dr. K.G.L.R. Jayathunge
Dr. Lanka Undugoda
Dr. D.J. Jayasanka
Dr. Amali Alahakoon
Dr. (Eng.) Pasan Chinthana Bandara
Dr. Rohan S. Dassanayake
Dr. Sumudu Mapa
Dr. Ruvini Abhayapala
Dr. Danushika Manatunga
Dr. Pradeep Gajanayake
Dr. Sankalya Ambagaspitiya
Dr. W.P. Kaushalya M. Abeysekara
Dr. G. M. P. Kumara
Dr. H.K.B.S. Chamara
Dr. Asanka Sanjeewa
Dr. (Mrs.) G. M. S. W. Silva
Dr. Rumesh Liyanage
Dr. (Mrs.) U. Kumarasinghe
Dr. Chathuri Senanayake
Dr. Mayumi Silva
Ms. Ayesha Sandaruwani
Ms. Udani Gunawardana