Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS)

Welcome to the Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) of the Department of Biosystems Technology. All members of the Department, including academic and non-academic staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and visitors to the department premises, are the stakeholders and beneficiaries of the EHSMS. The EHSMS is a collective effort to ensure a safe culture in the teaching and research laboratories, workshops and the Department premises and maintain an excellent safety record.

Course Materials and Laboratory Safety Training are available on Learning Management System (LMS)

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Lab Incidents and Lab Incident Report Form

All laboratory and workshop incidents (exposures, leaks, injuries, near misses and spills) should be reported immediately to the EH&S Advisor or the Head of the Department by phone at: 070-1541847. EH&S will report to the laboratory to investigate upon notification or if called by emergency personnel or University Health Center.

Lab Incident Report Form

Within 48 hours, the Lab Incident Report Form must be completed and submitted, and the form must be handed over to the EH&S Advisor or HOD. The completed form can also be emailed to Dr. Pasan Bandara at pasancb@sjp.ac.lk. EH&S Committee will investigate the incident to find the root cause and recommend appropriate measures to prevent such incidents in the future and will prepare a final report.

EH&S Committee Members

Committee Chair Dr. Dhanushka Udayanga, HOD
EH&S Advisor Dr. Pasan Bandara
Academic Staff AET- Dr. Udayagee Kumarasinghe
FPT- Dr. Chathuri Senanayake
IBST- Dr. Danushika Manatunga
Technical Officers (TOs) AET- Ms. Priyadarshini
FPT- Mr. P.D.L. Subasinghe
IBST- Mrs. Kavini Dharmasena
Temporary Academic Staff AET- Ms.Charuka Sewwandi
FPT- Ms. Hasani Hansamali
IBST- Mr. Shashika. Dilshan
Other Representatives Ms. Anoma Proyadarshini
Research Assistants (RAs) Mr. Benuwan Sandaruwan
Ms. Dulani Matharage
Student Representatives Total of 12 students from all three Focus Areas and four Batches selected on a voluntary basis.
Nominated Member Mr. (Eng.) Kasun Himal Wijesekera

Specific objectives and activities of the EHSMS:

  • Provide mandatory health and safety training sessions for all BST students and conduct annual refreshers.
  • Provide mandatory health and safety training for all other current stakeholders and conduct annual/ biennial refreshers.
  • Offer Safety Training Certificates
  • Identify potential hazards in the laboratories and workshops.
  • Report, record and investigate incidents and accidents.
  • Maintain proper chemical storage and waste disposal.
  • Maintain an accident-free environment in the department premises and laboratories.
  • Instill a safety culture in the Department premises, assuring a safe working environment for all stakeholders of the Department.

Contact Information

Dr. Pasan Bandara
EH&S Advisor
Room 197 Academic Building (B3 Complex)
Department of Biosystems Technology
Faculty of Technology
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Dampe – Pitipana Rd, Homagama
Email: pasancb@sjp.ac.lk
Phone: 070-1541847