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Bachelor of Technology Programmes are to produce graduates with the breadth and depth of knowledge in technology to become lifelong productive members of Sri Lanka’s workforce and serve for the betterment of the society.

The programs are developed to achieve following educational objectives. The students who complete the programme successfully will;

  • Demonstrate technical proficiency, professional knowledge, skill and competence in their particular concentration in Technology.
  • Apply quantitative reasoning and critical thinking in solving technical problems.
  • Effectively communicate technical knowledge, ideas, and proposals to others, including upper management.
  • Lead project teams in successful completion of projects.
  • Have strong organizational and management skills.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in their respective field of employment or business.

The curriculum of the Technology Programme is developed focusing on providing a broad knowledge of technology fundamentals to the students and then gradually exposing them to the more practical and in depth study of areas of choice of the students towards latter part of the programme. This way the students have ample time to decide on the area of specialization he/she may wish to pursue for the future career. The programme offers a number of areas on which students can specialize.