Science for Technology Laboratories

The Department of Science for Technology is committed to providing laboratory facilities and equipment to facilitate the necessary infrastructure to conduct a learning environment for the effective delivery of its first-year undergraduate program. The Department makes every reasonable effort to keep these facilities up to date and relevant to the teaching modules.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry laboratory, being one of the laboratories of the Department of Science for Technology, provides essential lab facilities, especially for the first-year students to conduct Chemistry practicals in the fields of Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. Furthermore, it facilitates the lab requirements for all the technology students to perform their research work. The Chemistry laboratory, quite similar to all other laboratories in our new faculty complex, is well equipped with all the necessary instruments and chemicals that are needed for a basic chemistry laboratory and has a maximum capacity of about 50 students.

  • Water Distillation Plant (BIONICS SCIENTIFIC/ BST-WDU/080)
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter -portable (HI 9146)
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meter -bench top
  • pH meter – bench top (EUTECH instruments)
  • pH meter – portable (HI 83141)
  • Conductivity meter- bench top (SPER SCIENTIFIC)
  • Analytical Balance
  • Hot air OvenWater bath (BIOBASE)
  • Heating mantle
  • Hot plate with a magnetic stirrer (MSH – 30A)
  • Overhead stirrer (DAIHAN Scientific)
  • Fume cupboard (BIOBASE)

Physics Laboratory

The Physics laboratory caters to all the first-year students of the Faculty of Technology. Every year, approximately 500 students are enrolled to the module Physics for Technology, and as a necessary constituent of the module, Physics experiments are conducted in the Physics laboratory. Since the success of students passing out from the faculty as competent graduate technologists is highly dependent upon their practical knowledge acquired during the four years of the honours degree programme, Physics practicals are carefully designed to provide hands-on experience in various topics in Physics. This practical work also prepares the undergraduates to follow the Bachelor of Technology Honours degree programme successfully.

Mechanics & Engineering Drawing Laboratory

Mechanics laboratory facilitates first-year students of Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours Degree. Practical sessions are designed with the aim of developing problem solving skills in mechanics through the application of concepts in statics and dynamics to Engineering problems.