Geotechnology Laboratory Facilities

Geotechnology Laboratories are equipped with instrumentation to perform laboratory experiments and Site investigations. This owns four laboratories.

  • Rock Mechanics Laboratory
  • Geology Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Site Investigations Laboratory

Rock Mechanics Laboratory

The Rock Mechanics laboratory mainly conducts rock core testing practicals for Engineering Technology Undergraduates. Also the Rock triaxial machine and other support equipments are available for a wide range of testings required for the industry. The laboratory is equipped with the following equipment.
  • Rock Triaxial Test machine
  • Rock Permeability Test apparatus
  • Rock Core Cutting Machine
  • Rock core Saw machine
  • Rock core Polishing machine
  • Point Load tester

Geology Laboratory

The mineral and rock collection at the Geology laboratory help undergraduate students to have hands-on experience in rock identification and evaluating variable properties of rocks and minerals. Moreover, the geological maps available in the laboratory allow students to understand geological structures of Sri Lanka.

Following Equipment and materials are available for Students at Geology Laboratory

  1. Collection of Minerals and Rocks
  2. Geological Maps of Sri Lanka
  3. Brunton Compass for Geological measurements

Geotechnical Laboratory

Geotechnical laboratory in the Department of Civil and Environmental Technology provides facilities to conduct a number of tests to obtain the geotechnical properties of soil. These tests are carried out to find out the suitability of soil for the civil engineering construction projects. The CET department is currently planning to acquire modern testing devices for the geotechnical laboratory. The following instrument is available at the moment.

  1. Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)

Geotechnical Site Investigations Laboratory

The Geotechnical Site Investigations laboratory is planned with a diverse range of field testing and analysing equipment for both surface and subsurface exploration. The lab will contain facilities to cover the areas of Geotechnical Investigations, Geophysical Investigations, Hydrogeological Investigations. The laboratory is equipped with a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) which is rare to experience.

  1. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)