Frequently Asked Questions

Are all courses provided by the Department of Science for Technology compulsory?

Yes, all the courses provided by this department that are compulsory to each degree programme are compulsory to the students who follow the respective degree programmes.

What is the medium of the degree programme?

All courses provided by the Department of Science for Technology are also conducted in English as the entire degree programme itself is conducted in English.

Are the courses provided by the department only related to Science and Technology subjects?

No, the department also provides courses on Communication Skills, Personality Development, Management as well as Ethical Conduct.

How will the students be assessed in each semester?

The students will be assessed through continuous assessments and will be instructed by the respective course coordinators on how they can complete and hand over them. At the end of each semester, they will face a final exam for each module. There will be exceptions for certain modules. Students can contact their lecturers, tutors, or the administrative staff of the department for details.

Should the undergraduates pass the continuous assessment component?

Yes, it is mandatory for all the students to pass the continuous assessment component assigned to them under each course module.

What should be done if a student fails continuous assessments?

The student(s) who fail continuous assessments should redo continuous assessments as advised by the lecturer of the respective course module.

What are the penalties for academic fraud and plagiarism?

Penalties mentioned in the Students’ Handbook under the chapter “Rules and regulations on examinations, examination offences and punishments” apply to all the students. However, the lecturer in charge of the course has the authority to determine if an offence should reach the ethics board. This will be determined in accordance with the gravity of the offence

Why is it important to follow and excel in the course modules offered in the first year?

The course modules offered in the first year are important as they not only lay the foundation for the degree programme, but are also crucial in getting selected to the desired focus area.

How can the students get selected for the desired focus area?

Students will be selected for each focus area based on their academic performance (Grade Point Average-GPA) and preference.

Is it mandatory to pass non-GPA subjects?

Yes, irrespective of the fact whether a subject is GPA or non-GPA it is required for the students to pass all the subjects to the degree to be awarded.

Are Communication Skills I / English and Communication Skills II / English GPA courses?

Yes, both Communication Skills courses are GPA courses and it is compulsory for all the students to pass the said courses to complete the degree programme.