“The Department of Information and Communication Technology strives to graduate highly innovative, creative, industry-focused Information and Communication Technologists by providing an education that encompasses competencies to new technologies for the well-being and sustainable future.”

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) conducts the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) Honours Degree Program. The primary focus of the ICT department is to produce skillful, knowledgeable, and competent ICT graduates who can cater to the demand for Computing and IT-related professions across boundaries.
The Department accommodates an annual intake of 163 prospective undergraduates for the BICT Honours Degree. Students who followed Information and Communication Technology subject at the GCE (A/L) Examination in Technology stream are eligible to apply for this degree program.

The Department is in the process of aligning its BICT Honors Degree curriculum with the Seoul Accord, an international accreditation agreement for professionals in Computing and IT-related academic degree programs. Accredited degree programs provide students with the assurance that their degree is market-relevant and valuable to the global IT industry. BICT Honors Degree is a full-time four-year professional degree program.

The first two years of study provide the undergraduates with necessary skills such as Mathematics, Statistics, Communication skills together with Information and Communication Technology-oriented subjects. Undergraduates are mainly offered the subject modules for their respective focus areas from the third year of study. Based on the practical and theoretical knowledge obtained throughout the first six semesters, undergraduates are required to complete the internship in the 7th semester, full-time training in an organisation for six months. The research project is six credits module undergraduates need to commence in the 7th semester and to complete at the end of the 8th semester. The project provides undergraduates with an excellent opportunity to sharpen their professional, academic and essential skills which are required by your prospective employers. To successfully graduate, students should complete all coursework modules, industrial training/internship, and the final year project by the end of the 8th semester.

The ICT department offers Honors Degree in the following focus Areas