A friend, mentor and a cheerful person you were, that made this Faculty a better place for all of us at the Faculty of Technology. Your passing away has drawn deep emotional pain and anguish amongst all but we choose to celebrate you, your life and your legacy. We remember the many times we argued and debated over and over to harness the strengths of this Faculty. The new ideas you discussed, the work you performed as a pioneer in the initiation of this Faculty and the commitment of yours to strengthen the Technology Faculty development is irreplaceable. You took challenges in organizing the new faculty premises, development of curricula, to many other issues such as getting involved in student welfare matters, where at all times you succeeded.

Even though we dreamt of having you as our colleague, companion for another 30 years in the Faculty, the destiny was cruel enough to take you away from us at an unexpected moment whilst we were in such a celebration mood of a great milestone of your life. Saying you will be missed is an understatement but know that this tribute we write in your honor comes from a place where you left your mark on.

Dear Tharaka, thank you for your cheerful company, great ideas and the joyfulness you shared with all academics, non-academics as well as students in the Faculty of Technology. We will cherish our precious memories with you and the good times we spent together here at the Faculty of Technology.