Agriculture and Environmental Technology (AET) students have taken the initiative to promote activities in tree planting projects. Forests are the lungs of our land, which purifies the air and gives freshbreathing environment to all breathing creatures. As one of them, we ‘HUMANS’ have a bigger responsibility to protect the trees for a sustainable future.

Natural catastrophes like bushfires are continued in different parts of the world at a simultaneous time lapse causing huge environmental degradation, not only by destroying the greenery but evacuating thousands of animals, birds, microorganisms from the mother nature bringing down the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere within a glance.

Thus, we as AET students put-up a minor effort to promote “REFORESTATION”.


This effort is to open and direct breathing hearts, for restoration of forests through replanting. So far, we have successfully completed two progressive projects called “Phase 1 and 2”.

Phase 1 – Reforestation Project

We built an indoor potusing plastic wastes to the shape of adead tree stump and placed a new plant on that which can be used as an ornamental potted plant.
Phase 1 – Reforestation Project

As mentioned earlier, The Amazon Rainforest, Ella Rock and Australia bushfire were burning at a rate not seen in almost a decade. These incidents mainly affect for the ecosystem and pumped to climate changes. Therefore,

  • Pot was made by using wasted PET bottles and newspapers
  • Self-watering pot
  • Dairy/fish/meat technologies
  • Consist with an indicator to check the water level
  • Low cost
  • Planted high-valued indoor plant
  • Planted high-valued indoor plant
  • Dengue FREE

Memorable captures inPhase 1 – Reforestation Project

Phase 2 – Tree planting Project


This project was held at Pitipana new faculty premisesof university of Sri Jayewardenepura. After a discussion with the professionals, suitable land areas were selected for tree replantation process. As a result, in front of the hostels and around the boarder of faculty premises were decided as the best locations for the replantation.

More than 40 different trees including;Na (Mesuaferrea), Kumbuk (Terminalia arjuna) and Ahala(Cassia fistula) were planted with the intention of getting benefits such as, air purification, reduction of heat and cooling the surrounding, reduce soil erosion and increase the aesthetic value of the area. As well, tree canopies provide habitat for the birds and other animals.

Above mentioned activities are just an initiation by the First and Second Batches of the AET group. As Agriculture and Environmental Technology students we are hoping to extend these kind of activities as a habit to protect mother nature. Most probably our upcoming event will be, Tree replantation project on Vilpaththu.

Memorable captures inPhase 2 – Tree planting Project