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The department of Civil and Environmental Technology organised the intensive training program on Surveying for students following Construction and Building Services Technology (CBST) and Archeo-technology (AT) on March/April 2021. 36 students from the 2016/2017 batch completed the surveying training program within the University of Sri Jayewardenepura Premises. Students gained hands-on experience on operation, measurements and plotting using the industry-standard Total Station, Theodolite and Autolevel.

Each student handled the surveying instruments and did activities like traversing using the Total Station and contouring and levelling with the Level. At the end, students oriented the specific construction (for example, School, council building etc) to suit the ground and discussed about services and setting out too. During the last session, a completion was organised to select the quickest levelling and centering of the Total Station with the tripod. More than 5 students completed this activity in under 5 minutes and few prizes were awarded.

The Academic staff and academic support staff, under Construction and Building Services Technology and Geotechnology focus areas, supervised this training activity. Appreciation is extended to the support received from Academic Staff, Academic support staff and Technical Staff to complete this program successfully.


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