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Details of the Research grants obtained by the department staff

  1. Synthesis and manufacturing of ceramic-glass fiber/carbon fiber composite, derived from Eppawala Apatite for automotive and industrial applications. Rs. 3.2M University Research Grant- Dr Rajitha Gunaratne
  2. Value addition for Cinnamom products- Rs. 27.8M NSF Research grant- Dr Rajitha Gunaratne
  3. Immobilization of aromatic hydrocarbon degrading phyllosphere bacteria for bioremediation of polluted air. Rs. 2.9M University Research grant – Dr. Renuka Nilmini
  4. Evaluation of structural, rheological and mechanical properties of ternary composites of filled Thermoplastics (TP) and Skim Natural Rubber (SNR) blends: a novel route for value addition to skim natural rubber- Rs. 5.3M NRC Research Grant- Dr Renuka Nilmini
  5. Discovery and characterization of polyethylene degrading fungi and bacteria towards the development of unique microbe-based technology for biodegradation of low-density polyethylenes (LDPEs). Rs. 3.7M University Research grant – Dr Dhanushka Udayanga.
  6. Discovery, morphological and genetic diversity and biotechnological applications of fungi associated with decaying wood and leaf litter from tropical ecosystems in Sri Lanka- Early Career Return Grants, NSF Euro 63, 000. At the final round of evaluation by International Reviewers, – Dr Dhanushka Udayanga
  7. Screening of Traditional Medicinal Plants in Sri Lanka against Obesity In-vitro. Rs. 3.2M University Research Grant – Dr. Nilushi Nugara