Chronic Kidney Disease of multi-factorial origin (CKD-mfo) has become a major health problem in rural Sri Lanka, whereas, the North Central province has been severely affected.

Many of the victims have been identified as male farmers and labourers engaged in agriculture. However, a growing number of cases are being reported among women and children as well.

The students of the Faculty of Technology commenced a health camp on the 29th and 30th of September in Mawanagama village, Dehiaththakandiya with the aim of alleviating major impacts of the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) by creating an awareness campaign and facilitating free medical screening for those living in vulnerable environment. The campaign was launched in association with the ‘National Chronic Kidney Disease Prevention Programme’. Awareness campaigns were conducted by the students prior to the Kidney disease prevention Campaign, educating residents about the benefits of this programme to ensure maximum participation. The programme concluded successfully by facilitating our services to over 650 residents in the area, including farmers, women and school children.