“Think Big, Start Small”

J’pura Tech Talks said hello to the month of October with the 2nd event of the guest talks series on the 1st of October, 2018 with the intention of inspiring and motivating students to develop their career. The guest speakers Mr. Adhisha Gammanpila, Mr. Chamath Palihaawadana and Mr. Janith Gamage from SurfEdge, recognized as a very successful tech startups in Sri Lanka, conducted their speeches sharing experiences of being undergraduates and doing a business at the same time. They also revealed how and what made them to build a startup from the scratch. To make a long story short, they have started up with Text Encrypter & Decrypter 2012 (TED 2012) and now building up several products such as GuruPaara, Hackathons.lk, KohoKoho and SurfEdge Design Engine. Through their vision which is “Making Lives Smarter”, they managed to grab lots of attention and achievement to their novel products.

The speeches were very inspiring for the FOT students and concluded after the Q & A Session.