Agriculture and Environment Technology

The Faculty of Technology in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura caters different attractive curricula to more than 600 undergraduates. The Agriculture and Environment Technology curriculum was embarked under Biosystems Technology stream to approximately 35 students depending on their preference and the GPA in the first year of the studies.

Why specifically the ‘Agriculture and Environment Technology’?

The Agriculture sector is important for industrial development as it provides raw materials to many industries. The country’s economy mainly depend on the Gross Domestic Production from the Agriculture sector. However, the Sri Lankan economy has been transforming gradually and the demand for agriculture has been declined. Studies on Agriculture and Environment provide knowledge to an undergraduate devoting to mold professionals in these streams, however, the technical know-how related to Agriculture and Environmental studies have not been properly catered during the knowledge transferring process. In this context, the Faculty of Technology has taken pride in assuring to produce highly skilled graduates to revitalize the current Agriculture sector through advanced technology to drive forward the economy in Sri Lanka. Thus, the curriculum is enriched with farm machinery and automation, plantation crop management technologies, composting technologies, crop farming, soilless cultivation practices, green technologies for sustainable agriculture, biotechnology, animal feed processing technologies and many more attractive topics focusing on the emerging technologies and to gain expertise in an education that involves development of skills to the growing demand of the industrial society.

We harness our knowledge and hands-on experience gradually!

Starting from the third semester up to sixth semester, the students learn and experience utilization of farming equipment, visits to farmlands and plantations, and get themselves exposed to top most industries in the country. Students get to meet CEO’s of companies and get chances of hearing to famous HR managers in top-class multi-national companies prior getting them internship placements in the seventh semester. Whilst learning in the lecture halls, students immediately transfer the gained knowledge in to practice to obtain the hands-on experience on different technologies. Further, they have the complete freedom to convert their new ideas into an innovation under the AET stream, which makes the AET curriculum very special. We believe that it enhances the creativity of the undergraduates and motivate them to stand among others with the developed competencies throughout the AET course.

Willing to join us?

Performance in the first year of the undergraduate, preference towards Agriculture and Environment Technology and belonging to the BST background are the major pre-requisites to be entitled to enter to AET. So why not start planning your future now itself?