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Dr. K.P.C. Nilasha
B.Sc.(Hons) (USJ), PhD (St.-Andrews), Post doc. (Strathclyde, UK), Post doc. (Glasgow, UK)

Head of the Department

Senior Lecturer(Grade II)
Research interests: Polyurethane Technology, Fuel Cell Technology, Nanotechnology, Solid State Chemistry, and Material Science



Dr. Gaya 2

Dr. Gaya Nayomi Jayakody
B.Sc. Physics (Hons) (USJ), M. Sc. Math. Ed. (Colombo), PhD in Math. Ed. (SFU, Canada)

Senior Lecturer(Grade II)
Research interests: Applications of different constructs in the theory of Commognition as a theoretical lens, Students’ and teachers’ understanding of mathematical concepts and Effect of language in learning mathematics


Dr. T. G. A. M. Karunarathne 
B.Sc. Physics (Special) (Hons) (UOP), PhD (Mississippi, USA)

Senior Lecturer(Grade II)
Research interests: Physical Acoustics, Material Science, Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy, Acoustic Metamaterials, Thermoelectric materials

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Dr. G.W.C. Wijayasundara
B.Sc. Physics (Hons) (USJ), Pg. Dip in Applied Electronics (UOM), M.Sc. Industrial Mathematics (USJ), PhD in Science of Measurement (University of Science and Technology -South Korea)

Senior Lecturer(Grade II)
Research interests: Science of Measurement, Mathematical and statistical modelling

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Dr. B. E. A. Jayasekara
B. Com (Special) (Hons) (UOK), M. Com (UOK), PhD in Management (UOK), Diploma in Banking and Finance, Credit Management, International Trade Finance, Associate Member of Institute of Bankers in Sri Lanka

Senior Lecturer(Contract)
Research interests: Entrepreneurship, Financial Stress, Financial Capability, Marketing, Small and Medium Businesses, Strategic Management, Business Psychology


Mrs. S.V. Wijeratne Udugahapattuwa
B.A (Hons) in English (USJ), MA in English (UOC) (Reading)

Research interests: Teaching English, Communication Skills Education, English Literature-Fantasy Genre, Power, and leadership, and Discourse Analysis

M K S S Gunarathne

Dr. M. K. S.  S. Gunarathne
B.A (Hons) in English (USJ), MA in Linguistics (UOK) (Reading)

Research interests: Gender Studies, Classical Literature, Discourse Analysis, Dystopian Studies in Literature, Sri Lankan English Literary Studies, and Translation studies