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0The Department of Science for Technology is one of the newest members of the Faculty of Technology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Being one of the five departments of the Faculty, the Department of Science for Technology (SFT) serves as the only department of the faculty that caters to all the students of the Faculty of Technology regardless of their future Departments.

The Department of Science for Technology was first established to create a strong base of educators to fill the void of the lack of teachers in the Technology stream. While a degree program related to this department
remains in the pipeline, the Department is entrusted with the more important task of providing Technology students with a strong base of the basic sciences.

The role of a technologist is heavily dependent on their knowledge of the basic sciences: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics. Students receive these subject bases throughout the first year of their education from the Department of SFT.

The overarching vision of the faculty is to produce employable graduates that will facilitate the National and industry needs while being excellent human beings. In line with this vision, the Department of SFT takes a holistic approach towards the education of the young technologists that comes to our fold at the Faculty of Technology. The Department takes measures to inculcate students with the skills that are required to meet the challenges of the industry and that of the world. The department thereby provides course units in the areas of Management, Communication Skills, Ethical Conduct of Learners, Personality Development and Psychology for life.

The subjects offered by the department aids in creating well-rounded individuals that can work in the ever-changing field of Technology. While focusing on laying the foundation for the students within their first year of education the department also focuses on providing continued support to students in their future academic work. Course units such as Mathematics will be taught beyond the first year of their education. In order to develop student's creativity, innovation and teamwork skills. The Department has taken measures to introduce Mini projects which will be coordinated by our staff thereby preparing students with guidance for the tasks that are to come in the future. The Department of Science for Technology also plays a major role in assisting effective scientific writing and publication procedure for young researchers; hence contributing to elevating the research visibility and reputation of the Faculty of Technology.

Furthermore, the responsibility of determining the focus areas of each student falls on the shoulders of the Department. Through careful assessment, the department determines the focus area each student should follow based on both their performance in the first year and their preference. This ensures that the student is in prepared academically to face challenges in their respective fields.

In addition to the foundation and continued support offered by the Department, it also facilitates students with many educational and entertainment programs that make the learning process more enjoyable.

  • Academic Staff

    Academic Staff

    Dr. K.P.C. Nilasha B.Sc.(Hons) (USJ), PhD (St.-Andrews), Post doc. (Strathclyde, UK), Post doc. (Glasgow, UK) Head of the Department Senior Lecturer(Grade II) Research interests: Polyurethane Technology,...

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    Non Academic Staff

    Mr. D.V.C. Pushpakumara Management Assistant Mr. H.A.N.D. Rathnayaka Technical Officer Mrs. M. G. D. Premathilaka Lab Attendant