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0The Faculty of Technology was established with the prime objective of opening avenues to learn immerging and novel technologies to drive the economy of Sri Lanka to provide opportunities in local and international levels. To achieve the above mentioned objective, currently, the Faculty offers three highly practical oriented, Bachelor of Honours degree programs:
(i) Bachelor of Engineering Technology,
(ii) Bachelor of Biosystems Technology, and
(iii) Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology.
In the first year of the degree programme, students take a number of common modules that provide compulsory knowledge in basic Sciences: Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics along with basic Computing skills, English and Management. These modules lay a Science based foundation and enhance their fundamental knowledge that prepare them to follow the Bachelor of Technology Honours degree programme successfully. The field of technological studies has been a long standing need in our country’s education system. There is a scarcity of technologists with fundamental and all-round knowledge in Sciences, in Sri Lanka. Therefore, Science for Technology department will help develop individuals who have higher order thinking skills, techniques and knowledge related to basic Sciences that would land them in a strong technologist career.

The main purpose of the department is to produce world class professional technologists with a sound Science background who are capable of leading themselves towards higher achievements.Creating a technologist with a strong Science background can cater the manpower needed to teach A/Level Science for Technology subject too. Moreover, Science for Technology department offers additional complementary subjects, that are required for carrier development (Ethics and personality development). Further, the department addresses the need for leadership, personnel training, and capacity development in order to produce superior quality graduates from the University. Apart from teaching, this department assists the Faculty to conduct research activities collaborating with other departments to uplift the University to become a highly ranked university.

Science for Technology department also plays a major role in assisting effective scientific writing and publication procedure for young researchers; hence contributing in elevating the research visibility and reputation of the Faculty of Technology.

  • Academic Staff

    Academic Staff

    Dr. K.P.C. Nilasha B.Sc.(Hons) (USJP), PhD (St.-Andrews) Head of the Department Senior Lecturer(Grade II) Research interests: Polymer science, Polyurethane technology, Solid state chemistry and material...

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  • Non Academic Staff

    Mr. D.V.C. Pushpakumara Management Assistant