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images (1)The new department, “Department of Materials and Mechanical Technology”, is the first department in Technology faculties to initiate Mechatronics Technology, Automobile Technology and Polymer Processing Technology focused areas as a separate department in the Sri Lankan University system. As department will work with Mechatronics and control system related industries, Automobile industries as well as with the Polymer (plastic and rubber) Industries closely and effectively, it will be able to produce high quality employable graduates to full fill the vacuum in the Industrial Technological field. The department shall initially accommodate 85 students out of 161 focusing in the discipline of Mechatronics, Automobile and Polymer processing. It is envisaged that future expansion and diversification in to other intended disciplines would provide for total of 85 students. After creation of the new department, it has open up new links with international universities and industries. Therefore, we are in a position to cater to the foreign undergraduate and post graduate students as well.

The selection of these focus areas of study will be based on the preference to the focus study area and performances.

  • The first year of study is dedicated to provide the undergraduates with necessary knowledge in basic sciences, pure and applied mathematics, and basic computing skills together with the Engineering Technology oriented modules.
  • Modules offered in the first year of the program are aimed to provide an Engineering Technology oriented knowledge to the undergraduates.
  • From the second year of study, undergraduates will be offered the modules for their respective focus areas of study.
  • On the sixth semester undergraduates will be attending to industrial training/ internship program
  • In fourth year, undergraduates are expected to commence their final year projects and complete all the coursework modules by the end of the eight semester.

  • Academic Staff

    Academic Staff

    Dr. Rajitha Gunarathne B.Sc.(OUSL), MSc.(USJP/Cardiff), PhD (Manchester) Head of the Department Senior Lecturer ( Grade II) Research interests: Advance composite manufacturing for biomedical, Automotive, and...

  • Academic Support

  • Non Academic Staff

    Ms. P. A. D. C. P. Priyarathne Technical Officer Ms. S. G. P. Priyadarshani Technical Officer Mr. D.L.A. Senevirathna Management Assistant Mr. R.I.B.D.M. Rathnamalala Technical...