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Collage3The Department of Civil and Environmental Technology was established in 2020 with a view to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for world-class Civil and Environmental Technology practice. The department offers the Bachelor of Honours degree program of Engineering Technology, where students can choose from one of three focus areas for more in-depth study: Construction and Building Services, Energy and Environmental, and Geotechnology. The curricula are guided by the Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) Engineering Technology Degree Programme recognition manual. This recognition manual is based on the Sydney Accord and provide students with a rigorous foundation in theory and the practical as well as hands-on experience required for them to succeed in the field as an Engineering Technologist.
The department shall initially accommodate 76 students out of 161 in each year focusing in the aforementioned focus areas. The selection of these focus areas of study will be based on student’s preference and performances within the first year.
Courses in the program are multidisciplinary in nature, combining Mathematics, Science, and Engineering fundamentals, as well as essential tools and skills for an Engineering technologist.

  • The first year of study is dedicated to provide the undergraduates with necessary knowledge in basic sciences, pure and applied mathematics, basic computing and communication skills together with the Engineering Technology oriented modules.
  • Modules offered in the first year of the program are aimed to provide an Engineering Technology oriented knowledge to the undergraduates.
  • From the second year of study, undergraduates will be offered the modules for their respective focus areas of study.
  • During the sixth semester undergraduates will be attending to industrial training/internship program for 6 months/24 weeks and this internship is coordinated by NAITA.
  • In the fourth year, undergraduates are expected to complete a comprehensive research/design
  • Academic Staff

    Academic Staff

    Dr. (Eng) Asanka Weerasekara B.Sc. Eng.(Hons)(Moratuwa), M.Eng (Moratuwa), PhD (Kyungpook National) Head of the Department, Senior Lecturer (Grade II) Research interests: Novel and sustainable technologies to...

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  • Non Academic Staff

    Non Academic Staff

    Mr. E. M. A. C. Bandara Diploma in Civil Engineering Technical Officer Ext : 1695 chinthaka0221@gmail.com Ms. G. W. T. D. G. K. Karunarathna Technical...