Faculty of Technology consist of three academic departments; Department of Engineering Technology, Department of Biosystems Technology, and Department of Information and communication Technology to which 300 undergraduates will be enrolled annually. These three departments will be equipped with 26 laboratories with cutting edge technology to support the academic and research programs. Undergraduate programs offer by these departments will be offering 236 subject modules which will lead to nine focus areas of study; Energy and Environment Technology, Mechatronics Technology, Construction and Building Services Technology, Archeotechnology, Bio-Process Technology, Polymer-Process Technology, Software Technology, Multimedia Technology, and Network Technology. These academic programs will be facilitated by a faculty board consisting of nearly 100 well qualified PhD holding academic staff.



  • Department of Engineering Technology

    Department of Engineering Technology

    The Department of Civil and Environmental Technology was established in 2020 with a view to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for world-class...

  • Department of Biosystems Technology

    Department of Biosystems Technology

    The Department of Biosystems Technology (BST) conducts the Bachelor of Biosystems Technology (BBST) Honours Degree Programme. The major focus of the BST Department is to...

  • Department of Information & Communication Technology

    Department of Information & Communication Technology

    The Department accommodates an annual intake of 75 prospective undergraduates for the Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology Honours Degree. Students who followed Information and...