Prof. Mandawala

As the Dean of the Faculty of Technology, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the faculty. The critical role of the technological sciences in the development of any economy or society is universally recognized. Our responsibility as educators is to equip the minds and mould the talents of young men and women to produce highly competent technological professionals who could readily adapt to the demands of work environment and society in general. The Faculty’s technology curricula – Engineering Technology, Bio-System Technology and Information and Communication Technology – places heavy demands on world of work and our students require much sacrifice to achieve success.

The education of a technologist must encompass a broad spectrum of disciplines to meet the varied demands of economic development, especially in a developing country such as Sri Lanka. Our students must therefore show great discipline and application in the pursuit of their academic goals.

The Faculty has established as a pioneers Faculty in Sri Lankan State University system for producing quality and as a world-class technological institution. The contribution from the team of consultants played an immense role in this process. As such we expect many of our graduates should hold key positions with major public and private sector agencies in Sri Lanka and abroad once they complete their education.

The Faculty has a core of highly qualified, experienced, hardworking and committed staff, supplemented by similarly qualified and experienced lecturers from industry who will serve on a part-time basis. Due to the commitment of the Government of Sri Lanka the Faculty will have its new residence in Pitipana, Homagama with environment friendly buildings equipped with modern facilities. It will be housed with 26 laboratories with the latest equipment for teaching and research.

We are highly optimistic that the Faculty will secure the benchmark position in the technology university education in Sri Lanka with the commitments of the staff and together with our students and graduates. The task is enormous, but I remain confident we will not be diverted from our mission. Wishing you a bright future and expecting to hearing from you.

Prof. Prashantha B. Mandawala
Dean/Faculty of Technology