ICT Prog

An annual intake of 75 prospective undergraduates who followed GCE (A/L) Technology stream including the subject Information and Communication Technology will be enrolled for this degree program offer by the Department of Information and Communication Technology. They are expected to be completing their Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology degree in the given focus study areas of Software Technology, Multimedia Technology, and Network Technology. The selection of these focus areas of study will based on the selection criteria;

  1. Preference to the focus study area
  2. Performances 

Capacity to accept the undergraduates for those four focus areas are;

Software Technology - 25 Students
Multimedia Technology - 25Students
Network Technology - 25 Students

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) degree program is a full time four years professional degree program and the first year of study is dedicated to provide the undergraduates with necessary knowledge in basic sciences, pure and applied mathematics, and basic computing skills together with the Information and Communication Technology oriented subjects.

Subject modules offered from the 2nd semester of the program are aimed to provide an Information and Communication Technology oriented subject knowledge to the undergraduates. From the 3rd year of study, undergraduates will be offered the subject modules for their respective focus areas of study. On the 7th semester undergraduates will be attending to industrial training / internship program as well as expected to commence their final year projects and to be complete all the course work modules, industrial training/ internship, and final year project by the end of the 8th semester.