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The BBST Honours Degree Programme is accredited by the National Biotechnology Industry Association (NBIA). NBIA is the major institute in Sri Lanka responsible for the accreditation of Biosystems Technology Honours Degree Programmes, providing consultative feedback on the development of Biosystems Technology Degree Programmes compatible with global practices. NBIA further oversees the biotechnology profession in Sri Lanka, which is empowered to admit membership, classify and confer titles indicating the professional standing of its members.

In the BBST Honours Degree Programme,
• The first semester of study is designed to provide the students with necessary knowledge in basic sciences, pure and applied mathematics and basic computing skills.
• The modules offered in the first and second semesters are common for all three focus areas.
• The modules offered from the second year onwards provide the students with fundamental and applied aspects of Biosystems Technology related to their respective focus area.
• Six months Industrial Training/Internship Programme will be conducted in the seventh semester for all AET, FPT, and IBST students.
• Students will start and complete their Final Year Research and Design Project in the seventh and eight semesters, respectively.

The first-year course modules are common for all Agriculture and Environment Technology (AET), Food Processing Technology (FPT), and Industrial Biosystems Technology (IBST) focus areas.