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Dr. Nalaka Lankasena
B.Sc.(Colombo), Pg.Dip.(Colombo), M.Sc.(Moratuwa), Ph.D.(Colombo), MCS(SL), MCIM(UK)

Head of the Department, Senior Lecture (Grade II)
Research areas: Information technology governance and e-Governance, Artificial neural networks, Genetic algorithm and Model driven engineering, Social networks and applications, ICT4D, IT outsourcing, Enterprise architecture, IT policy, Object oriented analysis & design and software engineering, Data Science, Big Data
Ext. – 1680

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Dr. Senaka Amarakeerthi
B.Sc Hons (SUSL, Sri Lanka), MSc (PDN, Sri Lanka), PhD (Aizu, Japan)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research areas: Brain-computer interface, Cyber Security and forensics, Human computer interactions
Ext. – 1683


Dr. (Mrs.) P. L. M. Prabhani
B.Sc (USJP, Sri Lanka), M.Sc (Colombo, Sri Lanka), PhD (Shimane,Japan)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research area: e-Learning and Learning management systems, Educational data mining, Recommender systems, Human computer interaction, The internet of things (IoT)
Ext. – 1216


Dr. Ravihansa Rajapakse
B.Sc. (Hons) (Colombo), PhD (Brisbane)

Senior Lecturer 
Department of Information and Communication Technology
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Dr.(Eng)Nimal Skandhakumar
B.Sc Eng. (Hons) (Moratuwa), PhD (QUT)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research areas: Information Security, Computer Networking, Spatial Humanities

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Dr. Pulasthi Gunawardhana
B.Sc. (UK), M.Sc. (UK), PhD (Malaysia)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research areas: Educational Games and Gaming technology, Multimedia Technologies, Web technologies

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Mr. Chamila Karunatilake
B.Sc (Hons) in IT (Moratuwa), M.Sc (Aizu, Japan)

Research areas: Music Information Retrieval, Multimedia Signal Processing, Robot Localization & Navigation

Mr. Nuwan Kuruwitaarachchi
B.Sc(Hons)(UK), M.Sc.(SLIIT), MBA (PIM-USJP)

Research areas:

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Mr. R.H.U.K. Samaratunga
B.Eng(Hons) Computing Science (UK), M.Sc in Computer Science (London)

Research areas: Computer Vision , Machine Learning , Data Analytics.