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Dr. Nalaka Lankasena
B.Sc.(Colombo), Pg.Dip.(Colombo), M.Sc.(Moratuwa), Ph.D.(Colombo), MCS(SL), MCIM(UK)

Head of the Department, Senior Lecture (Grade II)
Research areas: Information technology governance and e-Governance, Artificial neural networks, Genetic algorithm and Model driven engineering, Social networks and applications, ICT4D, IT outsourcing, Enterprise architecture, IT policy, Object oriented analysis & design and software engineering, Data Science, Big Data
Ext. – 1680

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Dr. Senaka Amarakeerthi
B.Sc Hons (SUSL, Sri Lanka), MSc (PDN, Sri Lanka), PhD (Aizu, Japan)

Senior Lecturer (Grade I)
Research areas: Brain-computer interface, Cyber Security and forensics, Human computer interactions
Ext. – 1683


Dr. (Mrs.) P. L. M. Prabhani
B.Sc (USJP, Sri Lanka), M.Sc (Colombo, Sri Lanka), PhD (Shimane,Japan)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research area: e-Learning and Learning management systems, Educational data mining, Recommender systems, Human computer interaction, The internet of things (IoT)
Ext. – 1216

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Dr.(Eng)Nimal Skandhakumar
B.Sc Eng. (Hons) (Moratuwa), PhD (QUT)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research areas: Information Security, Computer Networking, Spatial Humanities

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Dr. Pulasthi Gunawardhana
B.Sc. (UK), M.Sc. (UK), PhD (Malaysia)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research areas: Educational Games and Gaming technology, Multimedia Technologies, Web technologies



Dr. D. L. Chamara Pramod Liyanage
B.Sc. (Wayamba, Sri Lanka), M.Sc (Nagaoka, Japan), PhD (Nagaoka, Japan)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research area: Machine Learning, AI, Data Science


Dr. Nuwan Kuruwitaarachchi
B.Sc. (Hons) (UK), M.Sc. (SL), MBA (PIM), PhD (Malaysia)

Senior Lecturer (Grade II)
Research areas: Wireless Systems, Computer Networking, E-commerce, ICT for Development.

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Mr. Chamila Karunatilake
B.Sc. IT (Hons) (Moratuwa), M.Sc. (Aizu, Japan),

Lecturer on Contract
Research areas: Music Information Retrieval, Multimedia Data Processing, Robot Localization and Navigation, Deep

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Mr. R. H. U. K. Samaratunga
B.Eng (Hons) (UK), M.Sc. (UK)

Lecturer on Contract
Research areas: Computer Vision, Image Processing and Data Analytics


Ms. H. L. N. Himanshi
Bachelor (Hons)(Sp), M.Sc. (Poland), Reading Ph.D. in Bioinformatics (Poland)

Lecturer on Contract
Research areas: sequence analysis in bioinformatics, computational mathematical modelling